Black Dyke Gold Vol. VI - Download

Black Dyke Gold Vol. VI - Download
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1 Yorkshire Brass Derek Broadbent Black Dyke Band 3.06
    Pageantry Herbert Howells Black Dyke Band  
2 I. King's Herald     4.06
3 II. Cortège     5.04
4 III. Jousts     4.14
5 Over the Rainbow Arlen arr. Goff Richards Tenor Horn Soloist Siobhan Bates with Black Dyke Band 4.11
6 Suite from 'Young Sherlock Holmes' Bruce Broughton Black Dyke Band 6.04
7 One September Morning Robert Eaves Flugel Horn and Baritone Duet Zoe Hancock and Katrina Marzella with Black Dyke Band 4.26
8 Hallelujah Chorus Handel arr. Philip Wilby Organist Philip Wilby with Black Dyke Band 3.34
9 Bravura Peter Graham Euphonium Soloist Daniel Thomas with Black Dyke Band 4.45
10 Candide Overture Bernstein arr. Howard Snell Black Dyke Band 4.10
    James Bond 007 Suite   Black Dyke Band  
11 On Her Majesty's Secret Service John Barry arr. Darrol Barry   2.20
12 Nobody Does It Better Hamlisch arr. Robin Dewhurst Soloists Zoe Hancock (Flugel Horn), Siobhan Bates, Alison Childs, Sammy Latus (Tenor Horns) & Katrina Marzella (Baritone) 3.21
13 Live and Let Die Paul McCartney arr. Ray Farr Soprano Cornet Soloists Benjamin Richeton & Martin Irwin, Kit Player Matthew Rigg 4.03
14 Alone Yet Not Alone Bruce Broughton Black Dyke Band 4.07
15 To Boldly Go Peter Graham Black Dyke Band 7.54

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