Black Dyke Gold Vol. V - Download

Black Dyke Gold Vol. V - Download
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1Gallipoli '100' March (Espirit de Corps)Martin EllerbyBlack Dyke Band2.20
 Symphony of Scarlet & GoldPeter GrahamBlack Dyke Band 
2I. Fanfares  2.37
3II. Legacy  2.38
4III. Meditation  4.59
5IV. Finale  4.06
6By Trevone BayPaul Lovatt-CooperZoe Hancock (Flugel Horn) with Black Dyke Band4.34
7Trumpets WildHarold WaltersJames Shepherd, Matthew Baker and Richard Marshall (Cornets) with Black Dyke Reunion Band2.49
8Let's Face the Music and DanceBerlin arr. Goff RichardsBlack Dyke Band3.45
9New World FantasyGordon LangfordBlack Dyke Band8.23
10Yellow SubmarineLennon/McCartney arr. Derek BroadbentBlack Dyke Reunion Band3.52
11Jeanie with the Light Brown HairFoster arr. Roger HarveyChristopher Binns (Trombone) with Black Dyke Band3.06
12CantilenaPhilip SparkeBlack Dyke Band4.22
13Eire TimeAndrea PriceGary Curtin (Euphonium) with Black Dyke Band5.51
14Fire in the BloodPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band9.41

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