Overtures - Download

Overtures - Download
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1 Candide Bernstein arr. Snell Foden's Band 4.41
2 Le Domino Noir Auber Foden's Band 6.52 
Poet & Peasant Suppé  Foden's Band  9.45
The Thievish Magpie Rossini  Foden's Band  9.57
Light Cavalry Suppé  Foden's Band  6.50
6 The Magic Flute Mozart Foden's Band 6.41
7 Egmont Beethoven Foden's Band 7.23
8 Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna Suppé Foden's Band 8.41
9 Le Roi D'Ys Lalo Foden's Band 11.58

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Code:  SFZ109-mp3-1
Product type  Downloads
Genre  Bands
Artist  Foden's Band
Catalogue Number  SFZ109