Master Brass Vol. 14 - CD

Master Brass Vol. 14 - CD
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Highlights of the 2003 All England Masters Brass Band Championship and Gala Concert


1March: GoldcrestJames AndersonSellers International Band3.02
2Overture: Le CorsairBerlioz arr. DuncanThe Leyland Band8.03
3You Raise Me UpLovland, arr. DuncanDarren Scott (Cornet) with Sellers International Band3.54
4PraiseWilfred HeatonThe Leyland Band4.31
5In Perfect PeaceKenneth DownieSeller International Band3.30
6ChivalryMartin EllerbyThe Leyland Band13.18
7Ardross CastlePhilip SparkeSellers International Band6.01
8Flourish and DancesKevin NorburySellers International Band2.25
 I. Flourish   
 II. Pavane   
 III. Basse Dance   
 IV. Hornpipe   
9Keystone KopsDavis, arr. LittlemoreThe Leyland Band2.10
10Reunion & Finale from GettysburgEdelman, arr. DuncanSellers International Band4.12
11Sing, Sing, SingPrima, Berry & Razaf, arr. TwitchingsThe Leyland Band3.44
12Miss Blue BonnetFrank SimonLeon Renilson (Cornet) with The Leyland Band4.17
13Shine as the LightPeter GrahamThe Leyland Band7.46


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Product type:  CDs
Genre:  Contests
Artist:  Leyland Band
Catalogue Number:  QPRL218D
Contest:  Masters