Skyliner! - CD

Skyliner! - CD
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Conducted by Brian Grant


1ThunderbirdsGray, arr. Green2.48
2Chanson de MatinElgar, arr. Wright3.23
3Hora StaccatoDinicu/Heifetz arr. Richards2.15
4The WatermillRonald Binge3.36
5Shpeherd's HeyGrainger, arr. Wright 1.47
6Romance from the GadflyShostakovitch, arr. Boradbent3.06
7Capriccio BrillanteBellstedt, arr. Smith4.04
8An Irish BlessingEilers Bacak, arr. Bradnum3.00
9Hoe Down from RodeoCopland, arr. Snell3.15
10The Nun's Chorus from CasonovaJ. Strauss II/Benatzky, arr. Kerwin3.57
11Olmypic Fanfare and ThemeWilliams, arr. Graham 2.26
12Procession to the MinsterWagner, arr. Snell5.53
13PeaceJohn Golland5.40
14Trumpet Blues and Cantabile James, arr. Geldard2.53
15Light-WalkBarrie Gott3.22
16Skyliner Barnett, arr. Geldard2.53
17March from The Pines of RomeRespighi, arr. Snell5.02

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Product type  CDs
Genre  Bands
Artist  Fairey Band
Catalogue Number  QPRL208D