Footlifters - CD

Footlifters - CD
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Conducted by Robert Bernat


1Seventy-Six TrombonesWillson arr. DuthoitRiver City Brass Band1.58
2The ThundererSousaRiver City Brass Band2.42
3CombinationJoplin arr. StephensRiver City Brass Band2.47
4Americans WeFillmoreRiver City Brass Band3.10
5On the MallGoldman arr. LakeRiver City Brass Band3.11
6The FootlifterFillmoreRiver City Brass Band2.56
7Barnham and Bailey's FavouriteKingRiver City Brass Band2.23
8Nobles of the Mystic ShrineSousaRiver City Brass Band3.21
9InvictusHimesRiver City Brass Band3.03
10Marching Through GeorgiaWork arr. RichardsRiver City Brass Band2.48
11Best Foot ForwardTomlinsonRiver City Brass Band3.35
12Colonel BogeyAlfordRiver city Brass Band3.20
13Barnard CastleRichardsRiver City Brass Band2.24
14The British Grenadiersarr. LangfordRiver City Brass Band2.43
15Knight TemplarAllenRiver City Brass Band4.18
16Carnival DayLangfordRiver City Brass Band2.47
17Men of Harlecharr. LangfordRiver City Brass Band2.51
18SlipstreamSparkeRiver City Brass Band3.40

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Product type  CDs
Genre  Bands
Artist  River City Brass Band
Catalogue Number  QPRL057D