European Brass Band Championships 2017

European Brass Band Championships 2017
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1Introduction to Eurofestival 2017  
2Conversation with Kevin Houben  
Where Angels FlyKevin HoubenEikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag
Conversation with David Morton  
Where Angels FlyKevin HoubenCory Band/Valasia Brass Band
6Conversation with Roger Webster  
7Goldberg 2012Svein Henrik GiskeValaisia Brass Band
8Conversation with Glenn Van Looy  
9Destination MoonPaul RaphaelCory Band
10The Turing Test (except)Simon DobsonBrass Band Willebroek
11HorrorShow (excerpt)Simon DobsonParis Brass Band
12Conversation with Simon Dobson  
13Eikanger Celebrations  
14FraternityThierry DeleruyelleEikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag


CD 2

1InsomniaBart PicqueurItalian Brass Band
2PrismsPeter GrahamItalian Brass Band
Live and Let DiePaul McCartney arr. Ray FarrSteve Stewart (Soprano Cornet) with Cory Band
Abide with MeMonk arr. Karl JenkinsCory Band
Carnival of VeniceJames arr. Mark FreehTom Hutchinson (Cornet) with Cory Band
6The World's Greatest StorytellerVarious arr. Philip HarperCory Band
7The Four SeasonsVivaldi arr. Philip HarperCory Band
8Conversation with Helen Williams  
9FlashlightJan Van der RoostEuropean Youth Brass Band
10CrimondIrvine arr. Goff RichardsEuropean Youth Brass Band
11The Spirit WithinBen HollingsSand Artist Colette Dedyn with European Youth Brass Band
12Fantasy on a Flemish Sea SongSimon Van HoeckeJaroen Berwaerts (Trumpet) with European Youth Brass Band
13Knut liten og SylvelinGåte arr. Frode RydlandEuropean Youth Brass Band
14HercabGianluigi Trovesi arr. Steven VerhelstEuropean Youth Brass Band

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