Regionals 2016 - Download

Regionals 2016 - Download
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1Cambridge VariationsPhilip SparkeBNFL Band16.09
 EssayEdward GregsonBlack Dyke Band12.36
2I. Dialogue  4.02
3II. Soliloquy  5.18
4III. Epigram  3.16
5The Mermaid of ZennorPhilip HarperCory Band12.25
 A Cambrian SuiteMichael BallBlack Dyke Band8.30
6I. Gwyr Harlech ('Men of Harlech')  2.09
7II. Suo Gân ('Cradle Song')  3.10
8III. Codiad Yr Hedydd ('The Rising of the Lark')  3.11
9The Journal of Phileas FoggPeter GrahamBlack Dyke Band10.11

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