Paradiso e Inferno - CD

Paradiso e Inferno - CD
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In his first solo release, Matthew resurrects the long-lost Jekyll and Hyde character of the trombone, pushing the very extremes of the expressive spectrum, pairing composers seldom associated with one another.


1BastaFolke RabeMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 
2NachtstückFranz SchubertMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 
3KerenIannis XenakisMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 
4Die MainachtJohannes BrahmsMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 
5-7Three Pieces for Trombone SoloGiacinto ScelsiMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 
8-10Sonata for Tenor TromboneDaniel SchnyderMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 
 I. Blues   
 II. An American Ballad   
 III. Below Surface   
11Retracing VElliott CarterMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 
12Der ZwergFranz SchubertMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 
13GraElliott CarterMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 
14Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommenGustav MahlerMatthew Gee (Trombone) with François Killian (Piano) 

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Code:  25474
Instrument:  Trombone
Product type:  CDs
Genre:  Soloists
Artist:  Matthew Gee