Barber - Download

Barber - Download
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 Trombone ConcertoAndrew DuncanJohn Barber (Trombone) with Foden's Band 
1I. Allegro  5.09
2II. Lullaby  4.21
3III. Rondo  3.37
4Can You Read My MindJohn Williams arr. Frode RydlandJohn Barber (Trombone) with Foden's Band4.22
5KinJohn BarberJohn Barber (Piano)2.01
6Trombone Concerto Number 3Simon ProctorJohn Barber (Trombone) with Foden's Band11.49
7Maurice (a reflection by Dick Evans)John BarberJohn Barber (Piano)4.27
8Autumn LeavesJoseph Cosma arr. Bill GeldardJohn Barber (Trombone) with Foden's Band5.02
9Little StarJohn BarberJohn Barber (Piano)2.55
 ConcertinoLars-Erik Larsson arr. Thomas WyssJohn Barber (Trombone) with Foden's Band 
10I. Preludium  3.49
11II. Aria  2.44
12III. Finale  2.53
13Grandad (a reflection by Dick Evans)John BarberJohn Barber (Piano)3.27
14Amazing GraceTraditional arr. Andy Scott and John BarberJohn Barber (Trombone and Piano) with Foden's Band4.26

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Instrument  Trombone
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Genre  Soloists
Artist  John Barber
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