WOB 13 - CD

WOB 13 - CD
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Disc 1

1A Bandsman's OverturePhilip SparkeBlack Dyke Band6.14
2The Lord Bless You and Keep YouNik & Emma Pears arr. SharmanThe International Staff Band3.13
3Variations on Wondrous DayPaul SharmanTrumpet Soloist Philip Cobb with The International Staff Band5.08
4B of the BangPeter MeechanFoden's Band4.05
5A Shrine of QuietnessDerek JordanNorwich Citadel Band4.30
6MasqueKenneth HeskethFoden's Band6.13
7New FrontierWilliam HimesThe International Staff Band6.13
8Once Upon a TimeSteven VerhelstEuphonium Soloist Glen Van Looy with Manger Musikklag6.11
9Galop from Masquerade SuiteAram Khachaturian arr. WainwrightVirtuosi GUS Band2.50
10ResurgamEric BallCory Band12.53
11CelebrationLeslie CondonThe International Staff Band4.37

Disc 2

1La FiestaChick Corea arr. HarperCory Band3.50
2Fragile OasisPeter MeechanLeyland Band15.49
3ResplendenceLucy PankhurstCornet Soloist Mark Wilkinson with Foden's Band3.34
4Dormi, JesuAndrew WainwrightVirtuosi GUS Band5.11
5The Golden PenWilfred Heaton realised Paul HindmarshEnfield Citadel Band3.54
6The JoybringerKenneth DownieThe International Staff Band3.41
7Chrysalis MoonAndy ScottTrumpet/Cornet Soloists Allan Withington, Martin Winter, John Wallace & Mark Wilkinson4.58
8A Breathless AlleluiaPhilip WilbyBlack Dyke Band4.11
9Electra II. LamentsMartin EllerbyBlack Dyke Band6.35
10Electra III Dance to DeathMartin EllerbyBlack Dyke Band2.55
11Someone CaresJohn Larsson arr. Steadman-AllenBaritone Soloist David Taylor with The Household Troops Band4.13
12When Thunder CallsPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band4.58

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