War of the Worlds - CD

War of the Worlds - CD
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Peter Graham exploded onto the brass band scene in the mid 1980s with a vibrant series of works that immediately caught the imagination and hailed the arrival of a great torchbearer in the brass band midst. Not only has he continued to produce a sequence of major works for both brass and wind bands, he has also demonstrated an instinct for what audiences like to listen to. His music features regularly in concerts, contests and recordings around the world and this is the latest album to be dedicated to his music.


1PhoenixPeter GrahamBrighouse and Rastrick Band2.45
2-6Rameau RevisitedJean-Philippe Rameau arr. Peter GrahamBrighouse and Rastrick Band 
 I. Marche  1.32
 II. Rondeau  1.08
 III. La Joyeuse  1.07
 IV. Danse  1.27
 V. Tambourin  1.39
7Follow the FlamePeter GrahamLucy Murphy (Flugel Horn) with Brighouse and Rastrick Band4.38
8Lady Stewart's AirPeter GrahamBrighouse and Rastrick Band2.28
9Tango (Por Una Cabeza)Carlos Gardel arr. Peter GrahamStuart Lingard (Cornet) with Brighouse and Rastrick Band4.08
10The Red MachinePeter GrahamBrighouse and Rastrick Band8.54
11Ae Fond KissRobert Burns arr. Peter GrahamLeah Williams (Tenor Horn) with Brighouse and Rastrick Band4.37
12The Red NovaePeter GrahamDavid Thornton (Euphonium) with Brighouse and Rastrick Band6.02
13The Dream TeamPeter GrahamBrighouse and Rastrick Band2.18
14Deep RiverTraditional arr. Peter GrahamSteve Walsh (Tuba) with Brighouse and Rastrick Band3.09
15With Fire and SwordPeter GrahamBrighouse and Rastrick Band2.11
16-20War of the WorldsPeter GrahamBrighouse and Rastrick Band 
 I. Wrath  2.54
 II. Reflections  4.45
 III. Battle  3.30
 IV. Deliverance  4.59
 V. Phoenix (reprise)  2.58

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