Red Priest - Download

Red Priest - Download
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 Red PriestPhilip WilbyBlack Dyke Band 
1I. Arrival  5.29
2II. Beloved Sleep  5.42
3III. Fuga  3.14
 ConcertpiecePhilip WilbyDavid Thornton (Euphonium) with Black Dyke Band 
4I. Awakening  5.39
5II. Con eleganza  3.16
6III. Finale  2.55
7Wondrous CrossPhilip WilbyBlack Dyke Band3.58
 A Bronte MassPhilip WilbyBlack Dyke Band and The Bach Choir 
8I. Prelude - The Autumn Day Phil Gault (Baritone)4.27
9II. Sanctus  4.37
10III. A Prayer  4.29
11IV. No Coward Soul Is Mine Phil Gault (Baritone)6.40
12V. Memory - A Fragment Phil Gault (Baritone)2.49
13VI. Gloria  6.38

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