European Brass Band Championships 2009 - Download

European Brass Band Championships 2009 - Download
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1 Enter the Galaxies Paul Lovatt-Cooper Cory Band 3.19
2 From Ancient Times Jan Van Der Roost Cory Band 18.05
3 Branwen Cai Isfryn Bert Van Thienen (Soprano Cornet) with Cory Band 2.36
4 Irish Mood Stijn Roels Stijn Berbé (Tenor Horn) with Brass Band Willebroek 6.24
5 Catedrales Bert Appermont 3BA-Brass 6.51
6 Canzona Omagio a Giovanni Gabrieli Jan Van Der Roost Belgian Brass 8.16
7 Masters of Space and Time Bruce Broughton Brass Band Willebroek 12.16
8 Excerpts from 'The Firebird' Igor Stravinsky arr. Ray Farr European Youth Brass Band 10.18
9 Credo Lorne Barry Brass Band Willebroek 8.05
10 Spirits of Puccini Hermann Pallhuber Brass Band Oberösterreich 15.40
11 Sunrise Over Blue Ridge Dan Price Cory Band 4.08
12 The Promised Land Kenneth Downie Festival Brass Band 16.06
13 Piazzolatino Astor Piazzolla arr. Van Haegenberghe Belgian Brass 9.02
14 Siegfried's Funeral March Richard Wagner arr. Hendriks European Youth Brass Band 7.05
15 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Peter Graham Cory Band 16.58



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