In Perfect Peace - Download

In Perfect Peace - Download
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1RavenswoodWilliam RimmerGothenburg Brass Band4.25
2Share my YokeJoy Webb arr. Ivor BosankoTone Fossum Olsson (Cornet) with Gothenburg Brass Band3.58
3The Striped FalconMagnus HylanerPatrik Randefalk (Euphonium) with Gothenburg Brass Band4.02
4Sång Till LottaJan Sandstršm arr. Henrik TorolphiClare Farr (Bass Trombone) with Gothenburg Brass Band4.32
5The Marriage of FigaroWolfgang Amadeus MozartGothenburg Brass Band4.14
6In Perfect PeaceKenneth DownieGothenburg Brass Band3.42
7Concertino in EbErnst Sachse arr. Stephen Glover & H M LewisMattias Ekberg (Soprano Cornet) with Gothenburg Brass Band6.16
8Music of the SpheresPhilip SparkeGothenburg Brass Band17.12
9St MagnusKenneth DownieGothenburg Brass Band14.17

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Product type  Downloads
Genre  Bands
Artist  Gothenburg Brass Band
Catalogue Number  DOYCD233