Brass Band Classics Vol. 4 - Download

Brass Band Classics Vol. 4 - Download
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 Pageantry - Suite for Brass BandHerbert HowellsBuy As You View Band13.16
1King's Herald (4.07)   
2Cortege (4.48)   
3Jousts (4.21)   
 Rhapsody in BrassDean GoffinBuy As You View Band11.09
4Movement I (3.00)   
5Movement II (3.52)   
6Movement III (4.17)   
7The Belmont VariationsArthur BlissBuy As You View Band11.19
 Freedom - Brass Band Symphony No.1Hubert BathBuy As You View Band10.54
8Movement I (4.25)   
9Movement II (2.35)   
10Movement III (3.54)   
11The Frogs of AristophanesGranville BantockBuy As You View Band9.02
 Symphonic Suite for Brass BandLeighton LucasBuy As You View Band11.19
12Toccata (3.45)   
13Aria (4.35)   
14Fugue a la Gigue (2.59)   

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