European Brass Band Championships 2017 - Download

European Brass Band Championships 2017 - Download
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CD 1

1_1 Destination Moon Paul Raphael Cory Band 19.02
1_2 Jubilance William Himes Thomas Fountain (Cornet) with Youth Brass 2000 8.34
1_3 Fanfare for a New Age Goff Richards  Elland Silver Band 1.42
1_4 Nordic Polska Anders Edenroth & Matt Kallio arr. Philip Harper Cory Band 3.54
1_5 Rhapsody in Blue Gershwin arr. Steven Verhaert  Jeroen Berwaerts (Trumpet) with European Youth Brass Band 13.11
1_6 Flashlight Jan Van der Roost European Youth Brass Band 2.04
1_7 Where Angels Fly Kevin Houben Valaisia Brass Band 17.34
1_8 The Four Seasons Vivaldi arr. Philip Harper Cory Band 3.16 

CD 2

2_1 Insomnia Bart Picqueur Italian Brass Band 13.24
2_2 Visions of Kolkhis Tom Davoren European Youth Brass Band 6.17
2_3 Crimond Irvine arr. Goff Richards European Youth Brass Band 3.30
2_4 Carnival of Venice James arr. Mark Freeh Tom Hutchinson (Cornet) with Cory Band 3.03
2_5 Dimensions Peter Graham Young Brass Band Willebroek 8.08
2_6 & Abide with Me Monk arr. Karl Jenkins Cory Band 3.19
2_7 Fraternity Thierry Deleruyelle Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag 18.43

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