Only For You - The Music of Paul Lovatt-Cooper Vol. II - Download

Only For You - The Music of Paul Lovatt-Cooper Vol. II - Download
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1HorizonsPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band4.52
2Wall of SoundPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band7.30
3Emerald SkiesPaul Lovatt-CooperRichard Marshall (Cornet) with Black Dyke Band4.35
4Island WhirlPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band3.24
5One DayPaul Lovatt-CooperZoe Hancock (Flugel Horn) with Black Dyke Band3.27
6Starburst and CanyonsPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band3.33
7Enchanted KingdomPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band6.53
8Home of LegendsPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band3.42
9Song for the SkiesPaul Lovatt-CooperJoseph Cook (Tuba) with Black Dyke Band4.04
10On the Castle GreenPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band4.01
11Rondo Alla TurcaWolfgang Amadeus Mozart arr. Paul Lovatt-CooperPaul Lovatt-Cooper (Xylophone) with Black Dyke Band3.02
12Pound the StreetsPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band3.31
13Only For YouPaul Lovatt-CooperPaul Duffy (Soprano Cornet) with Black Dyke Band4.41
14ImmortalPaul Lovatt-CooperBlack Dyke Band9.08

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