The History of Brass Band Music - The Early Years 1850 -1920 - CD

The History of Brass Band Music - The Early Years 1850 -1920 - CD
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1Yorkshire WaltzesEnderby JacksonGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band7.53
2QuadrillesPaul Jean-Jaques Lacome arr. ArbanGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band4.52
3Nearer My God to TheeMason arr. OwenGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band2.40
4The DiplomatGeorge AllanGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band2.48
5William TellGioacchino Rossini arr. EllisGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band3.53
6Pretty JaneJohn HartmannRichard Marshall (Cornet) with Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band11.02
7EstudiantinaEmile WaldreufelGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band5.59
8Hansel and GretelEngelbert Humperdinck arr. GodfreyGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band8.18
9B.B. & C.F.James Ord HumeGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band4.31
10Labour and LovePercy FletcherGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band11.12

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