Monument - Download

Monument - Download
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1-3MonumentMarc Owen 
 I. Allegro de Bravura 4.12
 II. Solemne - New York 11 Sep 2001 4.19
 III. Presto Molto Agitata - Free Spirit 3.57
4Dark EyesTraditional arr. Geldard4.50
5The HailstormWilliam Rimmer6.36
6-7SonataIvor Hodgson 
 I. Movement I 2.32
 II. Movement II 1.55
8-11Four Pieces for Four TrombonesGareth Wood 
 I. Tango 1.34
 II. Song 1.59
 III. Parody 1.48
 IV. Lament 1.27
12TrombonologyTommy Dorsey arr. Fernie2.52
13The NamePeter Graham3.06
14Thoughts of LoveArthur Pryor arr. Wilkinson5.51
15A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley SquareEric Maschwitz arr. Snell6.05
16-18Earth's FuryPaul Lovatt-Cooper 
 I. Twister 3.31
 II. Fallen Memories 5.19
 III. Succeed the Storm 2.16

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Code:  21263-mp3-1
Instrument:  Trombone
Product type:  Downloads
Genre:  Soloists
Artist:  Brett Baker
Catalogue Number:  DOYCD171