Enigma - CD

Enigma - CD
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Conducted by Allan Withington


1-8Enigma VariationsEdward Elgar arr. Ball 
 Theme 1.20
 I. C.A.E. 1.45
 II. H.D.S-P. 0.49
 III. R.B.T. 1.21
 VII. Troyte 1.04
 VII. W.N. 1.48
 IX. Nimrod 4.11
 XIV. Finale E.D.U. 5.18
9Henry V OvertureRalph Vaughan Williams8.53
10-13Downland SuiteJohn Ireland 
 I. Prelude 4.30
 II. Elegy 3.44
 III. Minuet 4.51
 IV. Rondo 3.23
14-16Kenilworth SuiteArthur Bliss 
 I. At the Castle Gates 2.03
 II. Serenade on the Lake 2.03
 III. March - Kenilworth 5.04

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