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It's 2020 - Celebrating a decade of music

With the first few weeks of January safely behind us, we've been chatting in the office about some of our highlights from the past decade. World of Brass have had some fantastic releases in the last 10 years, from contest recordings, to composer tributes, première recordings, and milestone celebrations. In this blog, we present a list of our favourite albums - let us know if we've missed one of yours!

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Triumphant Brass


DOYCD247 Triumphant Brass

Cory celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2009
with a string of contest successes. T
his album features
studio recordings of some of the music used at these competitions.


Moto Perpetuo


DOYCD262 Moto Perpetuo

Showing a wide range of styles through a diverse tracklist, David demonstrates
why he's regarded as one of the finest euphonium soloists on the planet.
This release won a clean sweep of awards for Solo CD of the year and earned a special award
from the International Tuba & Euphonium Association for excellence in recording.



DOYCD276 A World Within

Following the appointment of Andy Scott as Foden’s Band first ever composer
in residence, this album was recorded to chart the exciting new music
which resulted from this inspiring collaboration.







 DOYCD274 Shine

Following the success of his first album, Les Neish once again proves
beyond doubt the tuba is a credible solo instrument on this recording.


Dreaming of the Masters


DOYCD283 Dreaming of the Masters

Jens Lindemann shows a remarkable display of virtuoso flexibility accompanied
by Foden’s Band on terrific form under James Gourlay on an album which features a crossover
between North American style playing and the classic sound of a true British brass band.


Only for You


DOYCD284 Only for You

Only For You is the second album by Black Dyke Band which showcases the music of one
of the most prolific and well-loved brass band composers of his generation, Paul Lovatt-Cooper.





Out of this World


DOYCD294 Out of this World

The final Cory Band album with Robert Childs at the helm, every track on
Out of this World was a world première studio recording. The title, as well as
being inspired by ethereal beauty and heavenly intervention, could also
describe the standard of the band’s playing.




DOYCD297 Masquerade

An album of substantial works which represent the unquenchable thirst of the brass band
movement for technical challenge which has developed hand in hand with musical progress.
Winner of BBW, 4BR and BB CD of the Year 2012.


War of the Worlds


DOYCD303 War of the Worlds

Peter Graham continues to produce major works for brass band which
display an instinct for what audiences like to listen to. His music features
regularly in concerts, contests and recordings around the world and this
album from Brighouse & Rastrick Band is dedicated to his music.




Words and Music


DOYCD315 Words and Music

The first recording of the Cory Band under new conductor Philip Harper,
this album features five major works for brass band which
have their origins in poetry or prose.


Stories of Life


DOYCD316 Stories of Life

The second album from young euphonium star Glenn van Looy, Stories of Life
features entirely new music including concertos by Steven Verhelst,
Paul McGhee and Stan Nieuwenhuis.







 SPS337CD Generations

A compilation celebrating one of the most prominent musical families
in the history of The Salvation Army, featuring several
generations of the talented Cobb family.


Transmogrifying Brass


DOYCD333 Transmogrifying Brass

A concept album from Cory Band inspired by Svein H Giske’s Goldberg 2012, the works
make some reference or other to centuries-old music, which then becomes
part of the fabric of a wholly brass invention.


The Triumph of Time


DOYCD337 The Triumph of Time

This Black Dyke Band album featuring the music of Peter Graham focuses
on test pieces and related works that are of a decidedly descriptive nature,
pieces that share certain musical traits and may even be heard as a unified set.





In Principal


DOYCD350 In Principal

With a classic and elegant 'brass band' sound and a technique seemingly knowing
no limits, Tom Hutchinson is surely one of the best cornet players of his generation.
His debut album, In Principal, charts the remarkable first stage in
his ascent to the pantheon of great cornet players.





DOYCD354 Mosaic

An 80th birthday tribute to the legendary composer Elgar Howarth, Mosaic
presents a broad picture of his music for brass band and displays
his creative genius and compositional flare.


ISB Heritage Box Set


SPS355CD ISB Heritage Series Box Set

A ground-breaking collection from The International Staff Band featuring
high-class recordings of Salvation Army music spanning nine decades including insightful
recorded conversation with Lieut-Colonel (Dr.) Ray Steadman-Allen OF about
the progression and development of the featured repertoire.




Music in the Air


DOYCD361 Music in the Air

Music forms an integral part of military life and this album
demonstrates the unique and versatile role of the RAF Central Band.



DOYCD364 A Festival of Fanfares and Carols

The sight and sound of a brass band playing carols has long been associated with
Christmas and on this album Cory Band are joined by Treorchy Male Voice Choir
and The International Staff Songsters to deliver a yuletide celebration
which is sure to bring good cheer.



DOYCD366 Fantasy

A landmark solo recording from one of the world’s finest trumpet players,
Philip Cobb, accompanied by the Central Band of the Royal Air Force.







 DOYCD369 Dances and Arias

Featuring the remarkable music of Edward Gregson, this album contains a mixture
of old works and new pieces commissioned during his year as composer
in residence with Black Dyke Band in 2016 including the
Cornet Concerto for Richard Marshall.


DOYCD371 Storytelling

Featuring their winning programme from Brass in Concert 2016, this album
alongside its beautiful artwork, charts the next chapter in the Cory Band’s
remarkable history using music with tales to tell and messages to send.



DOYCD376 Over the Horizon

An album of original and challenging music for soprano cornet
performed by a master of the instrument, the charismatic Steve Stewart.




DOYCD380 Grimethorpe 100

Celebrating the centenary of one of the most famous brass bands in the world, the music
on this album is reflective of the history of Grimethorpe Colliery Band
and the people associated with it.






DOYCD383 Contrasts

An album of original works for trombone and brass band by
the iconic partnership of Brett Baker with Black Dyke Band.



DOYCD386 This Way

The sparkling follow up to his debut album, This Way includes
the Bourgeois Concerto for Cornet and Brass Band.




WOB202 The Night to sing & Songs of the Paradise Saloon

Available exclusively for download, Bramwell Tovey brings us his colourful and
characterful music in these two substantial works for brass band. The synergy
between Foden's Band and their maestro is palpable and
Mark O'Keeffe is a scintillating trumpet soloist.



Heaton Box Set


SPS418CD Heaton Collection Box Set

A six volume box set celebrating the works of undisputed genius composer Wilfred Heaton
featuring Black Dyke Band and The International Staff Band.






DOYCD389 The Music of Bliss & Howells

A stunning album of music for brass from the pens of Sir Arthur Bliss
and Herbert Howells. Brighouse are in commanding form on this
landmark recording featuring both classic original works
and two brand new transcriptions.



DOYCD390 Summon the Heroes

Featuring the music of classical, literary and globetrotting heroes, this album from
the number one ranked brass band in the world evokes images
of conquering stars on the global stage.




DOYCD391 Trials & Triumphs

This album is the musical representation of two years in the life of Foden’s Band, charting
the journey from their devastating band room fire of 2016 to the ultimate triumph of
being crowned National Champions in 2018. The title work, a celebration of everything to
do with brass band contests, proved to be the last major work for brass band that
Bourgeois wrote before he passed away in September 2017.




DOYCD392 The Pilgrim's Progress

This most recent album of music by Philip Wilby is being issued in the year of his 70th birthday, and it
also marks Nicholas Childs’ impressive 100th recording with Black Dyke Band. A recording not to be missed
by anyone that values Philip Wilby's immensely important contribution to brass band repertoire.




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