On the Face! (Value Set)

On the Face! (Value Set)
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The Value Set contains the score and one of each part:

  • 1st B flat Trumpet/Cornet
  • 2nd B flat Trumpet/Cornet
  • Trombone/Euphonium/Baritone BC
  • Trombone/Euphonium/Baritone TC
  • Horn in E flat
  • Horn in F
  • High Trombone/Euphonium/Baritone TC*
  • High Trombone/Euphonium/Baritone BC*
  • E flat Bass/Tuba TC
  • E flat Bass/Tuba TC
  • Percussion and occasional Aux. Percussion

(* for use only when there is a Tuba in the ensemble)

Additional scores and parts are available individually.

On the Face is a complete repertoire (warm-ups and 23 pieces) for beginner brass ensemble. Perfect material for school assemblies and music centres, it includes folk songs, famous classical themes, and exciting new jazz and pop numbers. Each piece is score for a basic trio of two trumpets/cornets and one trombone/euphonium (TC or BC). However, optional independent parts can also be added for horn in E flat or F; high trombone or euphonium (tenor part); tuba; and drum kit. The pieces work equally well either with one player to a part, or in larger group settings. With its appealing variety of musical styles and textures, On the Face is sure to make the young brass player's first experience of group playing both rewarding and fun.

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Code:  RSSM084105V
Genre  Brass Ensemble
Series  On the Face!
Publisher  Studio Music
Composer  Mason, Ben
Code  M-050-08410-5V