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  1. Beaumont Polishing Cloth

    Microfibre polishing cloth 40cm x 30cm
  2. K&M Bb Cornet Stand

    5 legged base
  3. K&M 101 Music Stand

    The K&M classic, an ideal music stand for beginners.
  4. Yamaha SB7X Silent Brass System (Trumpet/Cornet)

    Yamaha's next generation Silent Brass System allows you to play as and when you like, without being confined to time or place
  5. Yamaha PM5X Silent Brass Mute (Tenor Trombone)

    Smaller and lighter than previous versions with superior muting performance, excellent intonation over a wide pitch range and natural playability.
  6. Hammerhead Music Stand Light

    The Hammerhead LED Music Light has six powerful, bright white LEDs which last 100,000 hours. The light has a flexible gooseneck and precisely engineered lens to distribute light evenly.
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20 Item(s)