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  1. British Bandsman 125th Anniversary Concert

    The British bandsman’s organisational team put together a very tasty line up for their anniversary year not least when coming up with this event. Take one of the most consistently outstanding bands in the world, combine them with one of the finest exponents of his instrument, through in a special commission from one of the finest brass band composers in Philip Sparke, along with the performance from Ian McMillan and Tony Husband all fronted by the voice of brass bands himself, Frank Renton makes for a very special recipe.

    The proceedings are opened with Black Dyke in the trusted hands of professor Nicholas Childs with a stately procession through William Walton’s Crown Imperial, whilst many bands try to perform this tricky piece, when in the hands of such a classy outfit the music really comes to life.

    Philip Sparke is one of the finest composers of brass band music and when commissioning him you are sure to getting a piece of real quality. A Bandsman’s Overture is a fantastic concert overture based on the notes Bb, Bb, C & F as a tip of the hat to the magazine that started life as British Bandsman & Contest Field newspaper.

    James Morrison is then welcomed to the stage to show his true artistry as a musician. The set begins with the well-known Caravan, Morrison uses this to show really what a fine artist he is and furthermore he appears to do it with such ease. This is followed by an arrangement from the pen of Black Dyke Soprano Cornettist Paul Duffy with Oh When the Saints. With Things ain’t what they used to be Morrison shows his dexterity performing on the trombone and demonstrating excellent multiphonics – it must be said that Morrsion comperes his own performances with a cool sense of dry wit and excellent rapport with Prof. Childs, Band and audience.

    Then comes something just a little different Brass written by Philip Wilby uses the Black Dyke Band, poetry from Ian McMillan and Illustrations from Tony Husband. This most descriptive of works shows real innovation in its concept and sublime delivery.

    The music of Paul Lovatt-Cooper is somewhat of a staple of most brass bands programming with his exciting audience friendly writing. When Thunder Calls is a wonderful second half opener with directed choreography to accompany the music. This work is followed by Canite Tuba (Sound the trumpet) written by James MacMillan – an exciting piece comprising three interlinked movements. This is something very different from MacMillan is a piece that truly sucks you in when you watch/listen.

    James Morrison then returns with three further performances of Zog’s Jog, Basin Street Blues, and The Old rugged cross, the highlight for me being the Basin Street Blues where you get to observe piano playing of high quality and artistry on the trumpet performed but the same person at the same time – it is something quite special.

    The final performance from the Black Dyke band was the readers choice and what a choice – Journey of Freedom. The work is given a masterful performance that really does pull on the heart strings in the luxurious slow section before the powerful close. All closed with a rousing encore of the Ord Hulme BB & CF.

  2. Music: The Sound of Hope

    Music: The Sound of Hope is a star-studded DVD produced by Clarence Adoo. It is a 'feelgood' DVD that really shows just how Clarence gets on with life despite his horrific car accident in 1995 which left him paralysed from the neck down. But it is not primarily about Clarence; it is about music and features a star-studded array of musicians including Sting, Sir Cliff Richard, Jools Holland, Courtney Pine, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Dr John Rutter and Headspace Ensemble.

    Is music merely a comforting soundtrack to our lives or is it capable of becoming much more than that; a force for good, an agent of change, a source of hope? Clarence Adoo takes you on an enlightening and stimulating journey, revealing his personal, moving experiences of the power of music which carried him from a near-death experience to becoming a motivated, inspirational man with the help of his amazing world-renowned musician friends.

    In this DVD Clarence asks musician friends what music means to them. Included among them are Sir Cliff Richard, Jools Holland, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Wynton Marsalis, John Rutter and Courtney Pine, in whose jazz band Clarence played for five years.

    Interspersed with the interviews are performances by the interviewees and Sting, Black Dyke Band, Amandla Esandla, blind pianist Derek Paravicini, Headspace Ensemble (in which Clarence plays an electronic instrument invented for him), Cambridge Singers, Philip Cobb and Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. Of note are two pieces, both performed with The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army (ISB). The first is the march 'Shoeburyness' dedicated to the Salvation Army corps where Clarence grew up. It was written by Eiliv Herikstad at Clarence's request. Clarence conducts this piece. The other piece is thanks to technical wizardry, a sound recording of Clarence playing a cornet solo 'On the Golden Shore' in the Royal Albert Hall in the 1980s is matched to the accompaniment of the present day ISB.

    If you like music, this DVD for you. As a bonus, there is a free CD with the music from the DVD so you can listen to it in the car.

    All proceeds from this DVD go to The Clarence Adoo Trust. For more information visit

  3. The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace

    Black Dyke Live from Symphony Hall Birmingham also featuring Halifax Choral Society and Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus

  4. Epic Brass II

    Featuring Black Dyke Band and The International Staff Band live at The Sage, Gateshead and including three bonus tracks.

    This DVD is produced in PAL format only. Customers in North America should check their equipment for compatibility before purchasing. The DVD will play on all PCs, lap-tops and DVD players which have 'all region' capability.

  5. Live!

    Brass bands have a long and dsitinguished history, and the current Black Dyke Band players enjoy a history that outshines any other group. However, it must be said that Black Dyke concerts are hardly formulaic, and their performances over recent years have pushed back the conventional boundaries so far as to dazzle the eyes of many traditionalists.

    Their Bridgewater Hall concert in May 2007 was a clear case in point. James Morrison and his jazz trio rub shoulders with traditional African dancers, a Yorkshire choral society and a cathedral choir. See it to believe it!

    This DVD is produced in PAL format only. Customers in North America should check their equipment for compatability before purchasing. The DVD will play on all PCs, lap-tops and DVD players which have 'all region' capability.

  6. Epic Brass

    The original video now released in DVD format.

    Toccata in D Minor; The Corsair; Brillante; Toccata from Suite Gothique; Truth Aflame; I Know Thou Art Mine; Rejoice! The Lord is King; Wonderful Words; Glorious Ventures; March from Pines of Rome; The Lost Chord.

    This DVD is produced in PAL format only. Customers in North America should check their equipment for compatibility before purchasing. The DVD will play on all PCs, lap-tops and DVD players which have 'all region' capability.

  7. Second to None - Nulli Secundus

    The first ever DVD from The Regimental Band Coldstream Guards under the direction of Major Graham Jones MBE

Set Ascending Direction


7 Item(s)