The World of the Euphonium Vol. 1 - CD

The World of the Euphonium Vol. 1 - CD
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With Joyce Woodhead & Richard Phillips (Piano)


1Sonata in FMarcelloSteven Mead (Euphonium)7.00
2Partita Op. 89Arthur ButterworthSteven Mead (Euphonium)8.30
3VocaliseRachmaninovSteven Mead (Euphonium)5.12
4Soliloquy IXChristopher WigginsSteven Mead (Euphonium)3.42
5Fantasy for EuphoniumHiroshi HoshinaSteven Mead (Euphonium)9.02
6Varitions for OphicleideKummerSteven Mead (Euphonium)6.38
7Sonata EuphonicaWalter S HartleySteven Mead (Euphonium)7.42
8Apres un ReveFaureSteven Mead (Euphonium)2.45
9Weber's Last WaltzWilliam RimmerSteven Mead (Euphonium)10.20
10Heart in HeartIvor BosankoSteven Mead (Euphonium)7.53
11Bacarolle from The Tales of HoffmanOffenbachSteven Mead (Euphonium)2.39
12A New Carnival of VeniceThomas StevensSteven Mead (Euphonium)4.58

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Instrument  Euphonium
Product type  CDs
Genre  Soloists
Artist  Steven Mead
Catalogue Number  QPRZ014D