Ovation! - CD

Ovation! - CD
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Celebrating the Best of Brass


1Ovation!Martin EllerbyFlowers Band2.59
2ChablisGoff RichardsChris Howley (Cornet) with Flowers Band3.52
3BlastGoff RichardsFlowers Band2.22
4The Girl I Left Behind MePhilip SparkeFlowers Band4.17
5Lullaby For LisaDarrol BarryFlowers Band4.39
6Dance HongroiseLéo Delibes arr. Edrich SiebertFlowers Band3.42
7Air from 'Orpheus and Euridice'Christoph Gluck arr. Ronald HanmerAndrew Hicks (Euphonium) with Flowers Band3.35
8The Sword, Jewel and MirrorPhilip HarperFlowers Band14.39
9Sweet NightingaleTrad arr. Goff RichardsRob Marsh (Trombone) with Flowers Band4.09
10Holiday SambaBarrie GottFlowers Band3.59
11Club EuropeMartin EllerbyFlowers Band8.19
12You Are the Sunshine of My LifeStevie Wonder arr. Goff RichardsFlowers Band3.52
13ChiantiGoff RichardsFlowers Band3.35
14Lisbon CarnivalGilbert VinterFlowers Band2.43
15You'll Never Walk AloneRichard Rodgers arr. Darrol BarryFlowers Band5.14
16BacchanaleCamille Saint-Saëns arr. Keith WilkinsonFlowers Band4.42

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Artist:  Flowers Band
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