Retro Classic Drum Kit (Silver) - 5 Piece with Hardware

Retro Classic Drum Kit (Silver) - 5 Piece with Hardware
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Centre Stage Percussion

The five-piece kit is made from superb 6-ply birch shells, finely honed to a 45 degree ultra smooth bearing edge, to give a superb sound from the fabulous double-ply oil skin heads. The exclusive silver wire wrap gives the whole kit a fantastic timeless 1970s nostalgia look, with extra thick hoops, expanded lugs and housings giving it a very secure feel and sound.

The 'Retro Classic' comes complete with sound enhancing damper hoops for each drum, giving each of the tom-toms a deep, full sound reminiscent of classic kits of the past, whilst the snare comes complete with a trademark 42 string snare wire, powder coated Remo head, internal damper and smooth knock off.

As an additional bonus Centre Stage Percussion is also including a hi-hat stand, cymbal stand, bass drum pedal and drum stool.

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