Copper Timpani (5 Sizes)

Copper Timpani (5 Sizes)
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Centre Stage Percussion

The ultimate timpani range! Professional hand hammered parabolic copper bowls, crafted from a single seamless hunk of metal, give incredible warmth, clarity and length of every note, from pianissimo to very loud dynamic levels. Our pedal system is a complete joy. The pedals are to the side of each drum so than when the full set is assembled, the player has two pedals by his left foot and two pedals by the right foot, minimising movements and allowing for very fast and accurate changes. The pedal is a cantilever ratchet system, with a central hydraulic control for very smooth changes. Chrome hoops and tension rods are mounted onto a cast metal strut system creating an incredibly sturdy instrument. Fine tuning and tensioning is created through our easy to use central tuning mechanism. Heavy duty wheels make transportation easy, and the instrument is finished with four tilt adjusting levellers, allowing up to 6 degrees of angling. Available in 32", 29", 26", 23" and 20" options. Comes complete with covers.

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