Out of this World - CD

Out of this World - CD
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This recording follows a recognised trail of substantial recordings by Cory Band and Musical Director Robert Childs including Triumphant Brass, Actaeon, The Promised Land, Gaia Symphony and the Brass Band Classics series.

This disc takes its inspiration from ethereal beauty and heavenly intervention. Paul Lovatt-Cooper's Breath of Souls parallels itself to Mother Nature's ability to triumph over adversity while Spiriti conjures up the notion of great composers of the past looking down from heaven as today's composers refine their craft. The title also alludes to the standard of music-making by this fine band, winning all there is to be won and remaining at the top of the world rankings for five years. The disc also features euphonium soloist David Childs in UFO Concerto (nothing to do with unusual apparent anomalies in the sky) and Helvetia, the Roman name given to Switzerland and written in memory of James Watson. All the tracks on the disc are world premiere studio recordings and, as the title suggests, the playing is simply...out of this world!


1SpiritiThomas DossCory Band17.03
2-6UFO ConcertoJohan de MeijDavid Childs (Euphonium) with Cory Band 
 I. Andante con moto  5.19
 II. Giocoso vivo  5.36
 III. Andante cantabile  3.46
 IV. Vivace  6.57
 V. Alla marcia vivace  3.12
7HelvetiaGareth WoodCory Band10.54
8Breath of SoulsPaul Lovatt-CooperCory Band16.07

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