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Artist: Flowers Band featuring David Childs and Philip Cobb

SKU: 22179

Catalogue Number: PVM002

Quick Overview

New music from Prima Vista Musikk recorded by Flowers Band with soloists David Childs and Philip Cobb.

Released at the European Brass Band Championships, 28th April 2017.

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1 Colours in Rain Daniel Hall Flowers Band 2.54
2 Lake of Tenderness Ben Hollings Flowers Band 4.09 
Marilyn Lucy Pankhurst  Philip Cobb (Trumpet) with Flowers Band 3.29
4-5  Two Movements from Stratos Concerto Jonathan Bates  David Childs (Euphonium) with Flowers Band 8.50
  I. Sleeping Earth     5.07
  II. Dance of the Spiral Galaxies     3.43
6 A Letter Home Jonathan Bates Philip Cobb (Cornet) with Flowers Band 3.59
7 Tortuguero 6 Jonathan Bates Flowers Band 4.15 
On Winter Hill Dan Price   David Childs (Euphonium) with Flowers Band 4.08
The Smoke that Thunders Andrew Wainwright  Flowers Band 6.53
10  Novella Ben Hollings  David Childs (Euphonium) and Philip Cobb (Cornet) with Flowers Band 4.00
11  Battleground Paul Sharman  David Childs (Euphonium) and Philip Cobb (Cornet) with Flowers Band 2.56
12 Broadway Boogie Dave Collins Flowers Band 3.17
13 Monet on the Embankment Paul McGhee Flowers Band 4.49
14 Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog Ben Hollings Flowers Band 5.44
15-17 Definity Jonathan Bates Flowers Band 16.33
  I. Heritage     6.37
  II. In Memoriam     6.04
  III. Triumph     3.52

Additional Information

Release Date 28 Apr 2017
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  1. With so many fresh musical ideas on show from multiple composers, and the sheer skill and musicianship from all performers involved, Definity certainly has something for everyone. review by Thomas Dunne on 13/02/2018

    In Definity, the offering of two of the world's finest brass soloists, the talented Flowers Band and some of the most exciting composers to grace the brass band movement in recent years, results in a veritable chocolate box of musical variety that caters to a wide range of tastes.
    In A Letter Home by Jonathan Bates, soloist Phillip Cobb's musical approach evokes the powerful emotions of Siegried Sassoon's First World War poem of the same name. Similarly, David Childs's distinctive use of tonal colour and shape draws the listener in to the melancholy of Dan Price's evocative folksong-inspired Winter Hill.
    When the two soloists come together to perform Ben Holling's Novella, the listener cannot fail to be truly moved, as the expressive cantabile qualities of both instruments are showcased to the finest standard. Paul Sharman's Battleground is the perfect duet to follow, the fast-paced Salvation Army style bringing a broad smile to the face as both soloists simply enjoy themselves in a merry showcase of technical mastery.
    The disc features not only the soloists, but also an eclectic selection of original works adeptly performed by Flowers Band. Throughout these works, Flowers Band demonstrates an impressive ability to switch between musical styles and various technical demands with ease. From Daniel Hall's lively Colours in Rain, to the relaxing lyricism of Lake of Tenderness by Ben Hollings, versatility is revealed in abundance.
    The sumptuous track list showcasing excellent new works from Lucy Pankhurst, Paul McGhee, Andrew Wainwright and Dave Collins whets the appetite for the finale title track, Jonathan Bate's Definity, a work mapping the progression of the brass band from its origins to present-day incarnation and innovation. Throughout its three movements, Heritage, In Memoriam, and Triumph, the listener is kept busy observing many quotes from familiar major works of the repertoire.
    In all, Prima Vista Musikk's second foray into the world of CD production proves to be a notable success. The audio quality is expertly balanced throughout, whilst detail is crisp and easy on the ear. The presentation is simple, yet effective with crucially, the sleeve notes offering a rich insight into the featured works.
    With so many fresh musical ideas on show from multiple composers, and the sheer skill and musicianship from all performers involved, Definity certainly has something for everyone.

    5/5 Programme
    4/5 Performance
    4/5 Recording
    5/5 Presentation

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