Live from NYC - CD

Live from NYC - CD
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Disc 1:

1 The Proclaimers Norbury New York Staff Band
2 Semper Fidelis Cordner New York Staff Band
3 King of the Seven Heavens Harper New York Staff Band
4 And Can It Be arr. Wainwright New York Staff Band
5 Devotional Lt. Colonel James LaBossiere New York Staff Band
6 Rhapsody on St. Francis Wainwright New York Staff Band
7 March of the Pacemakers Langford Cory Band
8 Introduction of Titan's Progress   Cory Band
9 Titan's Progress Pallhuber Cory Band

Disc 2:

1 O Verona Armstrong Cory Band
2 Caribe arr. Harper Cory Band
3 Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet arr. Harper Cory Band
4 Clans Collide Harper Cory Band
5 Lament and Liebestod arr. Harper Cory Band
6 Somewhere from West Side Story arr. Harper Cory Band
7 Balkan Dance Crausaz Various
8 I Know Thou Art Mine Ballantine Various
9 Call of the Righteous Condon Various
10 Enter the Galaxies Lovatt-Cooper Various


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