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  1. The Magic of Malcolm Arnold Vol. 1

    A double CD set which brings together a first volume of Malcolm Arnold’s exquisite music for brass, with performances from The Wallace Collection, winners of the Malcolm Arnold Fantasy Competition and The National Youth Brass Band of Scotland.

  2. Mists of the Mountains

    A4 Brass Quartet has a unique blend of instruments, with a cornet (Jamie Smith), tenor horn (Jonathan Bates), baritone (Michael Cavanagh) and euphonium (Chris Robertson) creating a distinctive sound that stands out from the standard brass quartet.

    The exciting debut recording of A4 Brass Quartet, "Mists of the Mountains" features music by some of the leading composers in the UK and Europe, who have written works especially for the ensemble. Featured composers include Martin Ellerby, Edward Gregson, Thomas Doss and Nigel Clarke.

    The title track was composed by the quartet's very own Jonathan Bates. The work, "Mists of the Mountains" is a seminal piece for the group, being the work with which A4 won the prestigious Christopher Rowland Ensemble of the Year Award at the Royal Northern College of Music.

    A groundbreaking ensemble recording, Mists of the Mountains is essential listening for all fans of cutting edge brass music and the A4 Brass Quartet

  3. Music for Brass Septet Volume 2

    The second volume of Septura's brass chamber music series takes us back to the 17th Century and the music of Baroque opera, in four contrasting works by Rameau, Blow, Purcell and Handel.

  4. Jazz Roots

    Never thought you would hear Canadian Brass joined by jazz piano? How about electric bass? Unknown to many, it's already been done! In the early 1970s, the Brass challenged the perception of musical boundaries through two recordings which were among the first to create the brand-new "crossover" genre. These classic LPs, Rag-Ma-Tazz, which was influenced by the ragtime era, and Unexplored Territory, a unique collaboration with contemporary jazz pianist and composer Don Gillis, are presented here for the first time in one CD package, as a homage to the story of jazz. -First came Rag-Ma-Tazz-a ragtime era and ragtime influenced music recording. The first eight ragtime pieces are classic Scott Joplin, the king of ragtime composers. Composers all over the world were well aware of the American ragtime craze, resulting in a plethora of jazz influenced compositions, from Claude Debussy to two Canadian composers who added their musical view of the era in their original composition for the Brass: film composer Larry Crosley and dean of Canadian composers Eldon Rathburn.

    In 1977, Unexplored Territory became the first runaway best seller for Canadian Brass. Stereo Review featured this recording as its pick of the month, suggesting, "The Canadian Brass enters its golden age." Never before had there been such a successful collaboration between a classical artist with a jazz ensemble. This recording was a result of the unique professional collaboration of the Brass with pianist-composer Don Gillis, a writer who went on to become the music director for Muppets' creator Jim Henson. Gillis brought his own jazz quartet to the recording project, along with names that have become a who's-who of Canadian artists, including the "First Lady of the Guitar" Liona Boyd. Significantly, Unexplored Territory also features the first appearance of the Brass' signature tune "Just a Closer Walk"!

  5. Great Wall of China

    In 1977, as China emerged from the Cultural Revolution, Canadian Brass arrived in Beijing for a concert tour that was part of a cultural exchange. They were the first Western musicians to visit the country since Western music & art were banned in May 1966. The experience was the inspiration for this album that features the world famous ensemble performing arrangements of some of China's most popular songs.

    Canadian brass founding member Chuck Daellenbach describes the inspiration behind "Great Wall of China":

    "Traveling the long road from Beijing down to Guangzhou, we performed in auditoriums, schools and factories, plus held radio tapings, interviews and impromptu outdoor shows along the way. It was during this trip we were first introduced to Chinese folk music for brass instruments, with the adaptation of Lift Your Veil given to us as a present. We include this piece here, a moving reminder of the profound power of music to bridge international boundaries and heal that we were so fortunate to experience first-hand during that tour.

    Years later, people who attended these concerts still tell us how they remember our zany "Flight of the Bumblebee" routine, and in 2010 half a BILLION people tuned in to our appearance on Hunan TV that featured two songs-Mo Li Hua and Song of the Guerillas-that also appear on this disc. When we returned to China in 2011, we were shocked by the changes-wall-to-wall bicycles transformed into bumper-to-bumper car traffic and music schools turning out legions of classically trained musicians, including some intrepid brass players!

    Soon after our China tour, we broke through another barrier by becoming the first chamber group to perform on the main stage of Carnegie Hall in 1979. Since heralded as a critical moment for brass ensemble, we challenged the generally accepted wisdom that a small ensemble could not sustain such a large space and showed that, on the contrary, brass ensemble music sounded majestic in that venerable old hall.

    These two events signaled the Canadian Brass' arrival on the international music scene, which would result in an entirely new vehicle of musical expression and the proliferation of brass ensembles in schools, colleges, churches and communities across the globe. This recording has been produced as a tribute to the wonderful people and passionate music that contributed early on to such an important historical step for both brass music generally and Canadian Brass specifically."

  6. Music for Brass Septet

    What if four celebrated nineteenth-century composers - Mendelssohn, Schumann, Bruckner and Brahms - had written original works for brass septet? This disc explores that fascinating counterfactual twist, re-imagining choral and organ works by those composers. The arrangements call on the full dynamic and tonal range of the instruments - often extended with a multitude of mutes - to imitate the expressivity of the choir, the power of the organ, and the versatile sonorities of its different registrations and manuals. In dazzling and varied combinations the arrangers and performers together persuade us that this could indeed be original brass chamber music.

  7. Big Notes

    Brass FX is an ensemble formed of outstanding Australian brass and percussion players who perform music which is new, exciting and uplifting. The players are proficient in musical styles covering jazz, swing and the classics and are all soloists in their own right.

    For this, its debut album, Brass FX is joined by the world€™s most celebrated jazz multi-instrumentalist, James Morrison, and the world€™s most exciting young trombone player, Peter Moore. 

    James Morrison is, by any standard, a virtuoso in the true sense of the word.Widely known for his trumpet playing, he also performs on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet, flugel horn, bass trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, string bass, guitar and piano. 

    Peter Moore, the youngest ever winner of the BBC Young Musician of The Year competition in 2008 at the age of just 12, is now in much demand as a trombone soloist, performing across Europe with some of the world's most celebrated orchestras. He has twice toured Australia with outstanding success and on completing a tour of the Far East with the London Symphony Orchestra, was appointed as its Co-Principal Trombone, an incredible achievement for an 18 year old.

  8. Brass Taps

    Music for Brass and Percussion inspired by water
  9. Dragons' Rise

    An incredible new brass release as a tribute to the late Professor James Watson. Led by trumpeter Chris Avison, Professor Watson's final generation of students from the Royal Academy of Music, along with some guests, came together to record this astonishing brass CD. Following the release of two critically acclaimed CDs conducted by Professor Watson, many of the players wanted to make one more disc as an ensemble in tribute.

  10. Jewels

    Jewels represents the second album from Eminence Brass, a quartet formed in 2008 by four leading brass musicians; Richard Marshall and Philip Cobb (Cornets), Owen Farr (Tenor Horn) and David Childs (Euphonium).

    Their first album, Tribute, featured substantial original contributions to the brass quartet repertoire while, in contrast, Jewels presents an eclectic collection of classical transcriptions, virtuosi solos and original works featuring a variety of styles.

    To hear previews, and to purchase individual tracks from this album, please select your desired file type.

    From: £5.99

  11. Heaton

    The works of Wilfred Heaton have immediate originality and tower above more conventional medleys, adaptations and arrangements. The pieces chosen for this album are tuneful and catchy but, at the same time, interesting and challenging.

    Royal Danish Brass' approach to and interpretation of the brass band style may seem symphonic but merely reflects its deep love for the genre and especially for the music of Wilfred Heaton. The recording was made in the large rehearsal room at the Royal Opera House, Copenhagen without a conductor.

  12. Moviebrass

    The five musicians of the Gomalan Brass Quintet come from five different Italian cities and have wide international experience with renowned orchestras. The ensemble was formed in 1999 and tackles a wide range of repertoire from Renaissance to the contemporary. In 2001, the quintet was awarded First Prize in the City of Passau International Brass Competition. The quintet appears regularly in the major concert halls and at festivals throughout Italy and has also performed in the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Greece and Switzerland.

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