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Homecoming Brass - Newtongrange Silver Band

Ref: 25144
Homecoming Brass - Newtongrange Silver Band
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1Going Home (from Local Hero)Mark Knopfler arr. Alan FernieNewtongrange Silver Band3.03
2CaledoniaDougie MacLean arr. Alan FernieNewtongrange Silver Band4.03
3March from A Little Suite (Theme from Dr Finlay's Casebook)Trevor Duncan arr. Alan FernieNewtongrange Silver Band3.19
4Mary of ArgyllTraditional arr. Adrian DroverGordon Jenkins (Soprano Cornet) with Newtongrange Silver Band3.41
5Mouth Music from A Hebridean SuiteAndrew DuncanNewtongrange Silver Band2.12
6My Love is Like a Red Red RoseTraditional arr. Kenneth DownieIain Davey (Euphonium) with Newtongrange Silver Band3.49
7Alloway TalesPeter GrahamJohn J Robertson (Narrator) with Newtongrange Silver Band5.37
8The Flying ScotGregor J GrantAngus Edmond (Cornet) with Newtongrange Silver Band4.16
9Northern Lights of Old AberdeenTony SwainsonNewtongrange Silver Band3.47
10Lewis Bridal SongTraditional arr. Adrian DroverNewtongrange Silver Band2.38
11The Wee Cooper O'Fife Traditional arr. Adrian DroverIain Davey (Euphonium) with Newtongrange Silver Band2.25
12Loch LomondTraditional arr. Andrew DuncanGordon Bruce (Pipes) and Newbattle Community High School Choir with Newtongrange Silver Band5.03
13I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon TounTraditional arr. Adrian DroverNewtongrange Silver Band3.08
14Amazing GraceWilliam HimesNewtongrange Silver Band2.59
15Reel McCoy MedleyTraditional arr. Adrian DroverNewtongrange Silver Band2.06
16JingsAlan FernieNewtongrange Silver Band6.33
17Highland CathedralMichael Korb and Ulrich Roever arr. Kevin LambGordon Bruce (Pipes) and Newbattle Community High School Choir with Newtongrange Silver Band3.47
18Auld Lang SyneTraditional arr. Alan FernieGordon Bruce (Pipes) with Newtongrange Silver Band2.13

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