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Royal Albert Hall Highlights Vol. 1 - The Present Age

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Royal Albert Hall Highlights Vol. 1 - The Present Age
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As the 1950s gave way to the 1960s, so too did 78s acquiesce to LPs. The legendary Regal Zonophone label, synonymous with Salvation Army recordings, remained but as part of EMI Records. Improvements in sound recording technology heralded the advent of live performance recordings and hand in hand to this was a series of mammoth Salvation Army events at the magnificent Royal Albert Hall, devised by Messrs. Adams, Bearcroft, Boon, Condon and Goffin.

These were great Salvation Army musical events in themselves and the vibrant crystal clear recordings preserved them for posterity and took this music into thousands of homes around the world.  

This series of CDs seeks to recapture that age, all taken from the original master tapes.

1Soldiers of ChristGeorge MarshallMassed bands4.13
2Happy SongFanny Crosby and William BradburyUnited chorus4.14
3The Present Age Leslie CondonThe International Staff Band of The Salvation Army12.22
4MagnificatEric BallThe National Songsters7.34
5Fantasia for Piano and Band on 'Christ is the Answer'Ray Steadman-Allen Ray Steadman-Allen (Pianoforte) with The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army11.09
6A Song of Praise Catherine Baird and Leslie CondonThe London Chorus5.27
7Song of CourageEric BallNorwich Citadel Band of The Salvation Army9.29
8Great and GloriousGeorge MarshallMassed bands7.14

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